Blockchain-based charity giving back to those in need

The CP Charity for Charities is a blockchain based philanthropy that collects donations for aid funds and gives back to those in need

On the CryptoPerformance Chain

The blockchain allows for fast and inexpensive transactions as well as security and transparency for those donating, guaranteeing that the funds are distributed as intended. Donations can be made in CPCoins, which can then effortlessly be withdrawn globally by those in need.

NEW Projects

CPC has already made this feature available for Africa. The CP Charity, through the power of the blockchain, will assist in alleviating poverty, combat inequality and assist in the wellbeing of people and the planet.

The CryptoPerfomance Chain allows for all transactions to be secure and guarantees that everything arrives at its correct destination. This is why the CryptoPerformance is a leader in advocating for the importance of a charity market. Those willing to start a charity can receive a payment and billing system as a white label on the CryptoPerformance Chain for free. The advantages are short distances for funds and quick processing times. With sub-projects and accurate bookkeeping, collecting donations is easy. Combined with CP BANQ Crypto Visa Card, payments can be made and accessed worldwide.

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CP Charity for Charities by CryptoPerformance won the “Social Contribution in Blockchain of the Year” Award at the AIBC Summit in Malta 2021.

Our Story

The Founders of CryptoPerformance, Horst Staebler and Giuseppe Rimola, have always strongly believed in giving back to the community through their support of various global charities.

Since the founding of their business, they always aimed to create a platform that would enable not only them, but patrons from around the world to open up charities and help the less fortunate, at the same time, with support of a secure and safe blockchain. 
They have launched the CryptoPerformance Chain that will allow charities to collect donations, and with the stability, transparency and safety of the blockchain allow the backers to not only verify the distribution of the funds, but have the ability to create their own recognized charities through white label.

Horst Staebler

Founder of CryptoPerformance Group

Giuseppe Rimola

Founder of CryptoPerformance Group


Ambassador of CP Charity


The primary mission of our charity is to support those in need. We provide essentials like food, hygiene products, and other necessities through generous donations, paving the way for a brighter future for countless children and adults. Beyond aiding in physical recovery, we also play a role in improving their overall life span and offering the mental support they need to rise above poverty. The hope and motivation we instill through our assistance is crucial. Thanks to the transparency and efficiency of blockchain technology, donations reach beneficiaries swiftly, and donors can clearly see the impact of their contributions.

- Michelle, ambassador of CP Charity

“Cryptonaires” by CryptoPerformance

The original song “Cryptonaires” can be downloaded from over 40 top music platforms. All proceeds of the song will be donated to CP Charity for Charities and will assist in charitable projects around the world. Every download counts, towards a better, brighter future!

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Safety : CP Charity operates under the rules of financial, operational and legal safety, as well as AML and KYC regulations. All transactions are processed via encrypted HTTPS connections with the use of safe TLS protocols and encryption algorithms.

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